UNO is a ledge inspired by the new architecture born in the city of Valparaíso, Chile. With a modular, skeletal design, full of transparency, with crisscrossed, perforated, threaded metals, it synthesizes the memory of industries that left their mark on the South Pacific port city. Movement is the life of objects. UNO reflects the representation of the Valparaíso transport funiculars on movable and height-adjustable shelves. UNO It is a living, versatile shelf with an industrial character.


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  • Steel , Stainless Steel , Aluminum , Melamine , Steel , Stainless Steel , Aluminum , Melamine
  • Grey
  • Height: 175 cm,
    Wide: 70 cm,
    Large: 35 cm,
    Weight: 55 kg
  • Style:
Repisa UNO
Shelve ECO
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