E.T. speaker

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Boštjan Pečnik
Hrastnik , Slovenia View profile


We'we made a brand new customizable bluetooth radio that can be styled to your needs to fit your living space. You can choose the suitable cover of the radio and also the material of the front and back panel. We took a totally new approach with shaping the interior caverns of the radio. Both caverns are shaped like the bmw kidneys to fit the exterior outline shape. The sound in rounded spaces flows much smother than in square spaces. There is no square shapes in the nature. The caverns of each stereo speaker are divided by a wall to loose any interference between both speakers. Instead of industrial foam for softening the sound rickashays, we used the sheep wool witch is a natural material and works better with also the technical demands of acoustics as the overall philosophy of the radio. With the front and the back panel you'll be able to choose from a whole variety of woods and also from a shaped MDF wood like the white speaker. ​ As for the dress coat is concerned; you can choose the ever the way your interior car looks like. Like we did with the white radio witch was inspired by the volvo concept estate. ​ Enjoy the sound guys ;)


  • Materials
  • Colors
  • Dimensions
  • More information
  • Solid Wood , Sustainable Materials
  • Black
  • Height: 18 cm,
    Wide: 36 cm,
    Large: 25 cm,
    Weight: 3 kg
  • Style:
    speaker, bluetooth, acustico