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Haoxuan Zhong
Beijing , China View profile


Product Introduction: The design concept is from the Chinese traditional “Kongming Lock” and the study of the force, automatic lock , dismantling of the tenon, which inherits and carries forward the core value of the structure of the traditional tenon. The highlight of the design is “no standing without being seated”, that is to say, naturally, the stool is the loose structure. Only if being seated, can the stool be extremely firm. The stool includes 3legs、3 ropes and 2 round boards. It can be easily assembled without any aid of assisting tool, which means the low cost of machining, transport and appliance.


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  • Steel , Wood
  • Wood
  • Height: 44.5 cm,
    Wide: 37 cm,
    Large: 37 cm,
    Weight: 1.25 kg
  • Style: