Designed by

Marco Fiorentino
Albenga , Italy View profile


Littlemissunshine is an abat-jour that aspires to turn into the lamp you need ... The Littlemissunshine project stems from the desire to have a lamp that adapts to multiple places, situations and atmospheres. Behind the static nature of the classic abat-jour there are many functions that make the object dynamic and eclectic. The octagonal shape allows you to place Littlemissunshine on one of the 8 sides, deciding where to project the light beam produced longitudinally. Thanks to the screwing of the base you can get an open configuration (classic lampshade), closed (with light only upwards), upside down (you can adjust the opening and therefore the amount of light), and clamped to shelves , headboards, shelves, shelves etc .... Littlemissunshine is made of solid ash wood for the inside and medium density for the lampshade and the base. The screwing mechanism is made with a threaded metal bar with a diameter of 0.8 cm. Open measures 22.7 cm in height, closed measures 17.7 cm in height. The octagon side to side measures 15 cm, while from corner to edge measures 16.2 cm. The thickness of the lampshade and the base is 0.7 cm.


  • Materials
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  • Ash wood , Iron , Sapelli Wood
  • Black
  • Height: 17 cm,
    Wide: 15 cm,
    Large: 15 cm,
    Weight: 1 kg
  • Style:
    Modern & Contemporary