Portugal is well-known for its literature, exporting books and remarkable authors to other countries. Books count stories of endless possibilities. The project was inspired by the leafing through of book pages. While reading a book, we travel through other times and spaces, always believing that anything is possible. Page Sideboard was developed with the objective of creating a different experience for the consumer. It is a minimalist piece of furniture with unique details. Despite being a reduced budget piece of furniture, it requires fine woods and materials for a touch of elegance and innovation. Page Sideboard is part of the Portuguese culture, aiming to instill in society the curiosity, desire to read and learning new things.


  • Materials
  • Colors
  • Dimensions
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  • Agglomerate , Glass , Walnut Wood
  • Beige
  • Height: 75 cm,
    Wide: 45 cm,
    Large: 220 cm,
    Weight: 150 kg
  • Style:
PAGE sideboard
Table CNC
Original design by
de Araújo