What I tried to achieve during this project was to make easier and possible some aspects that are usually misunderstood by many people. Is a matter of fact that when we purchase a piece of furniture, we are necessarily forced to solve other practices related to this product; transportation and assembling are just two examples. From those “problematic” aspects my project started. My goal was to find an interesting and smart solution to assembled and disassembled all the pieces that compose a table, by thinking about sustainability, flat packaging and recycle process. Specifically, I investigated a way to join together metal and wood with a simple and iconic detail. The table I made has a circular metal shape where lay on two wood discs, one is the base and the other is the top of the table itself. Between these two wood discs, there is a 3cm space where is possible to store small or flat items like a laptop. So the all product can be stored in a flat packaging which is just 4 cm thick. Having been lived in Sweden for five years, it inspired me to simplify as much as possible the aesthetical appearance of the products I design, until I reach just the essential and useful part of it. Scandinavian design has in fact always fascinated me for his capability to make product wonderful and elegant using so few decorative elements and such a simple and calm range of colors.


  • Materials
  • Colors
  • Dimensions
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  • Steel , Wood
  • Black
  • Height: 50 cm,
    Wide: 61 cm,
    Large: 61 cm,
    Weight: 6 kg
  • Style:
    Modern & Contemporary
The Plug Table
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