The inspiration for the shape of this bedside table comes from the foldable ladders and from the wooden trestels, whom steps can be used as support for creating planes and surfaces. In this product, the structure made of two hinged parts, holds the main body made of wood: the case of the drawer is then screwed to the frame in the correct position. In this way it is granted the right distance between footholds to ensure the best stability. The two parts that make up the frame are really simple: they are built by welding square metallic tubes and a circular tube in the lower part (where the wooden case will be screwed). As shown in the renderings, one of the two frames has an extension: on this part will be possible to hook different stuff such as, for example, pincher lamps. The final structure will be easily foldable, to simplify packaging and transportation. The drawer and its case are made of wood, and the front panel is in lacquered wood. The metallic handle matches the material of the frame, and is inlaid in the upper part of the front panel. The structure of the case is chamfered, to give a major feeling of depth.


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  • Brass , Iron , Stainless Steel , Wood
  • Wood
  • Height: 800 cm,
    Wide: 748 cm,
    Large: 420 cm,
    Weight: 8 kg
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