Designed by

Jaime Ruiz Canales
Málaga , Spain View profile


Design is a roller coaster of feelings . Sometimes you feel on the top of the mountain. Sometimes you fall on the bottom of the valley. Keep very close your pencils, color markers or pens in the uncertain creation process. Anyway, combine your Wave Workstation units in order to create the support you need. This could be the shelf you need for the space you have. Place on the floor. Hang on the wall and of course put on your table. Pencils, shoes or books will look great.


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  • Steel , Stainless Steel , Agglomerate , Aluminum , Bronze , Cardboard , Galvanized Sheet , Copper , Wood , Polycarbonate , Biodegradable thermoplastics
  • White
  • Height: 100 cm,
    Wide: 190 cm,
    Large: 15 cm,
    Weight: 0.3 kg
  • Style: