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Made by
Antonio Pérez Muñoz
Las Palas, Spain
Don't cry
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"Don't cry over spilled milk" is an original cup that leaves no one indifferent. Its winding and eccentric shape distinguishes it from any cup already created. It combines elegance, design and chromatic minimalism with the functionality of its drops, which serve as a support and as a support to catch it. But there is more: these drops have a remarkable symbolism: The'Don't cry' cup tells us that everything can be right and even the worst situations in life can be corrected. The design of the cup symbolizes the milk that spills, but can still be held in your hands. This should be a good place to start the day (and to end it). Without a doubt, a unique piece that will star in any moment and stay. Because'Don't cry' is much more than a cup, write your story in it!


  • Materials
  • Colors
  • Dimensions
  • More information
  • Ceramic
  • White
  • Height: 9 cm,
    Wide: 10 cm,
    Large: 12 cm,
    Weight: 0.35 kg
  • Style:
    Modern & Contemporary