Have you ever wondered if the design of your tableware is as spectacular as it should be?

We live in the most digital era in history, where a photo can go around the world and where every message counts. That's why it's so important that the design of your business expresses the message you want to convey without neglecting the aesthetics. The world of restoration has changed and climbs the wave of design, what are you waiting for?

Unique and limited series designs for businesses that value exclusivity

  • In Faberin you will find the largest network of local designers and manufacturers carefully selected and verified to materialize unique and original designs that will only be found in your establishment.
  • Access a catalogue of original designs in Faberin.


designed by

El Taller de Piñero

"In Faberin we have found a handcrafted product of original design for our coffee, without complications and in a simple way"

Jose Manuel Bernal
Madness Specialty Coffee

Our worldwide network of designers is eager to know what you need

Contact us to tell us what you need for your business and you will receive without any commitment on your part the best proposals in the market.

Your original recipes require unique supports

An attractive design speaks volumes about your business, in Faberin you will find original designs made by expert hands that will not leave your customers indifferent.

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