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Made by
Antonio Pérez Muñoz
Las Palas, Spain
Plato (Colección Jarros)
Original design by
H. del Valle


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Inspired by pre-Columbian vases, the'Jarros Collection' is born: an original composition that arises from different cuts made to the same element. The intention, of the Colombian designer David H. del Valle, with these ceramic pieces was to use every millimeter of material to create a collection rich in visual and functional content. The careful design and delicate aesthetics of Jarros make it look like a decorative collection, but each of the pieces in the collection comes with an extra function,in this case, it's an original plate. For this reason, Jarros is the perfect combination of design and functionality and thus the best choice to visually complete our spaces and functionally complete our home furnishings.


  • Materials
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  • Ceramic
  • Black
  • Height: 5.2 cm,
    Wide: 14.2 cm,
    Large: 14.2 cm,
    Weight: 1 kg
  • Style:
    Modern & Contemporary