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Nicolau dos Santos
Milano , Italy View profile


HoMe LED is a lamp capable of camouflaging itself in the space in which it is positioned when it is turned off and transforming it when it is switched on. The Flex Led technology allows the customer to create any type of design and to eliminate the fragility common to neon lamps while remaining more economical. It is composed of a rigid white forex slab, cut and hollowed by a cutter. From the digging 2 rails are obtained in the middle of which the Flex Led strip is inserted. The result is a sober and elegant design, easily reproducible in large quantities. It can be used on both sides, depending on your taste. It is light (2.3kg) and can be easily hung on any type of wall, through the hole in the upper part of the structure. The white cable 1 meter long, comes out from the lower part of the lamp through a passage dug in the forex. Thanks to its low voltage (12 volts), the lamp is harmless to the customer. It is a type of lamp ideal for use both indoors and outdoors in environments not exposed to the elements.


  • Materials
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  • Plastic and Acrylic
  • White
  • Height: 02 cm,
    Wide: 58 cm,
    Large: 66 cm,
    Weight: 2.3 kg
  • Style: