What is Faberin?

Before defining what we do or how we do it we believe in the need to tell you why we are here.

At Faberin, we believe in the power of modern design as an interpreter of consumer needs, we believe that it should be the one to initiate the process of creating products. And that's our why.

Making us the first platform to turn designs into products in a fully digital way, connecting the experience and skills of professionals around the world.

So far internet commerce has developed, we want to develop product creation, to set a new standard in digital product platforms. Our aim is to eliminate barriers and facilitate and speed up the manufacturing and marketing processes, so that modern product design can reach any corner.

Faberin is a meeting point

Faberin has been conceived to be much more than just a digital factory: a meeting point where product designers from all over the world can create their designs, local manufacturers and craftsmen can find projects to manufacture, make a reality and lovers of designer furniture have unique pieces made exclusively for them at their fingertips.

How do we do it?

We strongly believe in digitisation and its leading role in manufacturing processes. That's why through our platform we want to make it possible for a craftsman or a small manufacturer to take advantage of their experience and skills to reproduce modern designs from great professionals.

Simplify the equation: a product designer shows his project to our community, a local manufacturer from any part of the globe is interested in its manufacture, joins our catalog and is just a click away from being part of your home.

The best part is that being part of this equation is totally free.

What do you find in Faberin?

If you are a product designer...

  • A showcase for you and your designs, the opportunity for local manufacturers from all over the world to agree to make your project portfolio a reality.
  • Profits, you decide how much you want to earn by your designs. You set your royalties.
If you are a designer you can turn your designs into original products for sale.>/br>

If you are a local manufacturer...

    style="margin-left: 1.5rem;">Great number of projects waiting to be manufactured. You will have at your fingertips multiple original designs from great professionals, who need expert hands to become unique pieces.
  • You can show your skills and experience to great professionals in the world of interior design and decoration.
  • You decide the conditions of service: the final price, the times, the markets... You set the limits.
If you are a local manufacturer in Faberin you will find a new market to exploit.

If you are a lover of designer furniture...

  • Original pieces designed by great design professionals...
  • Unique and unrepeatable products, because they are manufactured manually'on demand', especially for you.
  • Much more than a tangible good, you can access pieces that hide great stories behind them.
If you love design you'll find unique pieces with a lot to tell.

If you have any questions, please visit our FAQs or contact us at hello@faberin.com.

Join the worldwide network of design lovers. Faberin is the step you need to take.

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