Valores de faberin

Surely you are wondering what means Faberin ...

There was a time when designers and artisans expressed themselves with the same word, faber.


From the Latin word faber, fabrï.

Worker, craftsman, creator, engineer or architect.


From the Latin word in.

Reference to a place where something happens.

We believe in design as a very important source of value that makes people authentic, we believe in a more humane and friendly life, giving visibility to designers and craftsmen. Thus, we contribute to create a more livable environment, where creativity arises and where they can showcase their skills. We believe in an environmentally sustainable model, where the consumption of resources is adequate, reducing logistics and raw material consumption, reducing stocks and making noble, recyclable, biodegradable materials, etc., protagonists.

And above all, we believe in people, we believe in talent that, connected to a network of local manufacturers, artisans and makers, and thanks to technology, will benefit the entire value chain in a responsible way.

Equipo de faberin

We are a team of people full of energy, wanting to change the consumption habits to which we are used, for a more sustainable and authentic consumption for the planet and for you.

Thank you very much for taking a little time to get to know Faberin better..

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Equipo de faberin

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